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Imagine being picked Like petals from a flower Someone  holding you, wanting you, wishing for you Only to be pricked by the thorn  And watch the blood fall Mercilessly
I just want to know what it feels like To matter.   To matter to someone, something, I just want to know how it feels.   It seems like everyday I make everyone feel appreciated, Feel wanted,
It truly sucks when you give s
I’m done with this friendship
The days when you try to look nice, 
Shall I define a spark?
Stars dim to a faint glow, the gorgeous twinkle in their bodies has dies down and the angelic shine I found so interesting has lost value.
Poem: yet and still  •In one piece yet broken •Showing a smile yet crying inside  •In a room full of people yet so alone •I speak yet no one hears me • Laughing and joking yet so quiet and empty inside 
The flower in the vase     By the window sillGave us air to breathe as it grewBeauty to look at in all timeTaken advantage of     It was pickedAnd there it sits in the windowWilting slowlyBut sooner than it shouldI weep for that beautyAs it was ta
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