Shall I define a spark?


A small fire that might seem miniscule but could burn an ark


It’s a bit extreme but to what degree?


Fires don’t begin at once, there’s a step overlooked since it happens quickly


The thing about a spark that most miss but some observe


Is that a single spark to start something big  is a rare occasion, it takes a few sparks for something to occur


After a few here or there a fire is almost a sure thing


The fire that is ignited becomes even more interesting


Once again, what most will miss are the sparks that still fly


The fire might dance but it’s the sparks that truly touch the sky


The fire will slowly begin to wither yet the sparks stay strong


Even when the fire is extinguished, the spark is the last to say goodbye


Yet even under the ashes of the no longer flame, the spark is always ready again to become alive 


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