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To my autistic brother: The older I get the more I reflect on the past and think about the problems we all had growing up so fast
They don’t see it. 
Let        me        have      this. Let me be a great big mess. Cover up my face, don’t look, but let me fret that this is the best you can get from me.
They laugh. I cry. They joke. I sigh. Their words of hate. flowing out of their mouths, funneling into my ears, breaking my heart. I may be autistic but that doesn't mean
Imagine you wake up after a full night’s sleep Feeling as if you got no sleep at all. Your joints ache and creak. You can barely walk out of your bedroom. You sit around your house all day,
I'm a guy that's different, but that doesn't mean I'm indifferent. A guy that's diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. My social life maybe pretty hard, but don't mistake me for a retard.
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