a beautiful mind

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You've taught me a way to look at the world with a clear point of view You've taught me how to cherish every lover I've come across You've taught every little thing that I know
It wasn’t so much your tremolous hands Holding fast to mine as the sun broke the horizon. More like the ache in my bones was slowly ebbing awayWith each cautious step across the floor to you. 
She fell from my arms into the burnt rose bush. Ashen peddles covered most of her in clouds. As she lay the charm I knew dims. The spark of life left her eyes. All that remained was a dull blue gaze into the sun.
I believe with my whole heart that Jesus was dark skinned. He was a Nazerene their complexion was not white. He spoke Aramaic & walked every where he went. His feet must have been hurting him as he took the cross for us. Can you imagine ?
Thank God for President Kennedy he showed us what true kindness is in action Today we live in a land of hate lost in the sauce of sullen brevity
What can wash away my sin nothing but the blood of Jesus we have created the vain lives that we lead society watch as you bleed
eyes, hair & smile laughter she ensues the ambiance of the moment radiant shape
eyes, hair & smile laughter she ensues the ambiance of the moment radiant shape
it's in the not knowing this I fear for I shed a tear to numb the inner pain not having you in my arms is driving me insane a challenge to be free is a question of time
Cumbersome To This World a plate of fries shoes, socks, magnets, bugs & number two pencil we gravitate through a smile a push to take us closer when we get in then we will see
In the wonders of my mind I've been lost for many years,  Without a doubt or a fear  I am completely me  
Beauty is just a face and courage is spoken not seen.   Beauty isn’t hateful, beauty isn’t spite. Beauty is inside of me, in you in all of us. But, the only beauty that matters is the kind that you can see...
Don't call me beautiful  Then shatter my hope Laugh at my hopes and dreams As if they were a joke Don't call me beautiful  Then ignore my existence  Call me up at late hours
Everything wasn't as it seemed, it was so simple that it was all difficult. I never meant for you to be confused--I never meant to be confused myself. I wanted it to be true but you always had me feeling blue because you were confused.
The first time she fell in love  was when she saw a piece of paper and felt an urge to spill her heart out. She wrote new realities because hers weren't so sweet. She sees the world as it is:
I Am I am an exquisit masterpiece 
Yo soy Irma
My life is a book. Some pages are beautiful, some are funny, some I wish
You're beautiful without even seeing it.You're beautiful even without hearing that you are.You're beautiful up and down meaning head to toe,even when you're beating yourself down.
My mind is a portal to worlds of possibilities of success. There I sit in my imaginary kingdom of ease and finesse While I caress my thoughts of future glory and a new kind of persona- A man that will generate much fame and renown.
please beware the end is near when it gets here i expect you to care if you do then head my advice if you dont youve been warned for when we reach the end the rope
The walls just keep crumbling... Into the sea in which I keep fumbling As I looked upon the water something I wasn't able to see A reflection of my world and the reflection of me
Inspired by A Beautiful Mind   On a cool October morning in 1994 a misty-eyed baby girl parted her lips to cry while in the other room the morning burst into light and the delirious shuffling of confused feet
The aesthetic beauty of the mind to behold. Not one can abate my hunger, my disease, I've come upon these thoughts to ponder, The substantial blank you bring appease. To whom to which the eyes behold,
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