He Leaves Her Eyes


666 milvale road
United States
44° 38' 28.6476" N, 68° 46' 28.236" W

She fell from my arms into the burnt rose bush. Ashen peddles covered most of her in clouds. As she lay the charm I knew dims. The spark of life left her eyes. All that remained was a dull blue gaze into the sun. A delicate, red stream escaped from the corner of a lip racing down a cheek where it met with an ear, filling it only for it to bubble back out onto the ash.  

He fell from my heart into madness. Jealousy damages his mind. As I lay, the love I know endures. The spur of his anger leaves my heart. All that remains is a faint memory melting away in a distant flame. A gentle, white snow flake sails from his hatchet where the air carries it, soaring gracefully, landing on my brow. It melts and helps guide a tear form my eye as a last apology.  

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