Autumn fall cold wind air morning content peace peaceful

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the wind brushes past meOh i wish i could seethe way it travels past the worldThe way it carries hurtful wordsthe way it carries love confessionsthe way it carries weird obsessions
Switch blade cross bones Skulls branded in a dark forbidden mast Asylums howl of the mentally insane Grafted in my brain once again Demonic emblems viscous fighting soldiers
the summoning of angels to the front briars of heavy moss blanket the exterior we are left shuttering next to death columns of blackened stench aroma personifies
Spring is a cheerful And warm time  Flowers are blooming Birds are singing And having babies The cold climate is going, And spring is near              
In Autumn mist I tread my way; Through leaves of cold and dead decay Such beauty do my eyes behold;
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When asked what’s the one thing I can’t do without There’s one specific thing that floods into my mind For loving and having her is no doubt The most amazing blessing of all time  
Dreams of midnight sonnets have passed away
A gentle rain taps on my window. Bits of sunlight peek through cloud curtains And dance around my room. The blankets hold me in their warm embrace.
The cold air chills me; Icy wind bites my skin. Leaves skittering to and fro; The sun has not yet risen.  
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