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His words glue me to my screen All his wonders And how far he wanders Without losing trails Without leaping doubts Proud to call you mine Terrified to be your shadow Because human beings as stars
I have got my share of problems Got my share of flaws. But I know that I will blossom I will gain your applause I won’t say I’m perfect But I will say I come close You could say I’m handpicked
Now is the time for a hundred indecisions  Time for you And time for me To prepare the face we will meet   We sit back in silence watching Brilliance
I sit and stare, My mind a blur, With little sparks around.    They dance and sing, and start whistling, Hence creation starts to flow.    My head attuned,  My heart balloons,
It’s when the morning light breaks through
When you look into my eyes What does you see? You see a pitiable disposition Suffering Pain Poverty From the beginning of time I have been marked “thing”  or “animal”
A white orb of light Hangs out amidst beautiful dust To accentuate her amount of might Especially when it causes much fuss
Eyes, pools of liquid splendor, orbs of silent intensity, flitting here, flitting there, resting in sunken sockets and greedily consuming each ray of light. You hide your power behind leaden lids
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