losing someone

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Losing someone can be challenging. The sorrows stay within you.  The heart will cry; the brain will hurt. The love will be lost and never will be back.
Dear Him, Your eyes shine so bright, Just as the stars in the sky. I remember the night, You had said good bye. The sparkling sun gleamed down, As I replay the memories;
I let you inside of my brain, didn't understand why you caused me pain, I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, Trying desperately to feel alright,   There is lead in my bones,
10 Things I Wish I Could've Told You... but never did.  
Tears stream down my faceIt's just me and you in this lonely placeYou are so stiff and so coldMy baby, its the last time you'll be in my holdMy darling, I dread to say, "I'm sorry you cannot stay.
The way her hair blew in the wind  The way her smile lighted up the sky I would feel warm inside  And I didn't think this love would ever die Sometimes when I think of the fun stuff we use to do I'd smile inside
     Yet one more Pulled away near the shore Lost into the sea Why must this be?
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