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Staring out over the oceanThe sun's reflection burningSparkling off the Blue Man's hullCreates a sounding paradiseThat never seems to dull  
The week has just started And I'm drowning in a flood Of papers and anxiety In homework and insomnia. The halls are much too crowded, There is no spaces in the rooms, My head is over crowded
A silver-backed glass staring back
His Eyes. From miles away they would be black. They stare into my soul with an emptiness that I have never seen before. Black bottomless pits. If I were to fall in them, I wouldn’t drown
They always mock me. Staring from the sky, Hiding behind the clouds, And would never touch the grass believing they are superior. I grimace feeling hopeless
Staring Staring into space Stare into a blank face An old forgotten place Trying to keep up the pace In a never ending race Staring
I love the way your eyes crinkle up each time you start to laugh, the way you smiled boldly, slyly at me when you caught me staring. I loved the way you blushed even more though, quickly averting your eyes,
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