acceptance of death

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I saw our treehouse yesterday. It was strange seeing it in a state like this. The wood is crumbling, the glass broken, water leaking. I remember when we were young
For it takes the smile from the gayest face It erased the color from the clothes worn Death the competitor, life is the race Pray it does not come knocking at your door Salty rain falls, the dead goes underground
Death comes both day and night, but if at night it shall come like a dove without bringing a fright.   Death in the day is like a gruesome raven, it comes swiftly and boldly to take you from your safe haven.
Welcomed, unwelcomed, in the shadows waiting lies, Death in it's beauty.   Glorious diamonds, are the souls of the living. Missed, unmissed,   Eternally go.
One day the world will cease to exist, A cataclysmic ending, Better known as the apocalypse, The planet's status forever pending, Some say it will be fire, Some say it will be water,
September 22, 2015 a man named Sean said God got me. But then that night he went on home. Every since then his family had to remain so strong. But leaving us here to cry the pain away. Save me a spot I'll be there someday.
Death is like Winter, and Winter is like Death: Cold, barren, a frozen wasteland of decay. So, if Death be  Winter,  Birth is like Spring, and Spring is like Birth: Life blossoming all around, growing in light. 
outstanding or buried deep down under cover of granite stalagmites.that grief so entirely lambasted & lamentedreprehensible- often i wished i could live without itbecause it is cruel& it is constant.
When the time comes, I hope you crumble and fall when the light, hits the midpoint of that beautiful summer day    I hope your flesh rots off of those achy bones.
Let me tell ya For everyday of the week I have this tradition And do you want to know what that is? For every Monday I wish for Friday To dream of Saturday
Old Little Boy Junior, up he went left he gone He see light, bright, white, happiness and unattained ideals Impossible to achieve from the world he once lived on
For what I fearI put all that I wanted down I cannot move forwardAnd can no longer returnImpassive rustTo be something elseThat I never was Life should've been the one thing grantedBut now I hate myselfFor what I will not do Left all aloneThe worl
Wind blow me across the world By dark eyes who are dying now The eve of twilight ascended   The dark is not always the worst place to be I believe, that I don't believe The water had to clear  
As i watch you breathing I look deep into your eyes I try to read your face For clues of any feeling Pain or peace I know your body is tired
Fresh cut grass and a wave of heatsteps walk past me to go find a seat A stabbing in my chestsalt floods my mouth tightly pulled fingersand air tries to get out
The Storm approaches Years away, creeping slowly towards me I hear its thunder It crashes down on distant shores Lightning illuminates a sky Somewhere I can’t see But I know it’s there  
Life is like a balloon waiting to be captured while Death is hand cuffed to us as a permanent reminder of what we are to become as Nature heals us Society kills us and through Brutality we are Created
It seems my time has come. Never have I seen the moonlight with such eyes. The rays of pure white light strike me with eye opening edge. Magnificent. I watch the breeze play with the leaves.
Depths of pain Wails hollow Death’s compassionate touch My heart breaks Grief, gloom, heart ache Depths of pain Wails ring aloud This breaking pain
Bury me beneath the Oaks,
The creases lining your face are prominent 
I’m helpless to help you, 
When next you cross that road,
Why am I grieving over someone who made my life such a hell for the last five years?  
Sometimes there's the little dreams, "Yes please," & "No thank you,"'s That stick, only breaking open when you pull hard enough: -Pop!- Breaking open air, And allow you that single second to remember-
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