Epic Poem

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Diving into a world unlike any known. You delve through with no known limits. A place that you can call your own. No fear or concern to withhold my words. Gazing at the beauty that only I can create
Once upon a time, in the Red Sea, in the underwater kingdom of Bur Sudan, lived Queen Yaya /Trapped in her own kingdom/Silenced by traditionAnd empty after producing many heirs for a King /Triton, the careless, the traditional, the oppressor /Yaya
A girl, a boy, trite. Persephone prompts—words, words, words—rapture, less trite.
Cold, dark, night, Black and Blue. Such a fright. So much to do – 
In the wide world of Cibtravay Next to the sea of Wehclarah lay The nation of Pixies in the Valley of Winds Nestled in the sheer cliffs of the mountains
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