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blood and fire; seeping from the cracks. flooding with desire, and blurry flashbacks.   bathe me in daylight, so i can lick the flames. your love burned too bright,
Be it a single lumen or roaring bonfire, my feelings for him burn purple; Pink (love) + Blue (lust).
i want your flames.     mesmerizing and beautiful. the smallest flicker still illuminates my mind nightly
Burn Everything's burning From the fire to the flames To the ashes it crumbles to pieces
Dear Demons,   I believe that passion and fury are equivalent to playing with fire. That these fires are unforgiving, and inextinguishable.   In fact, I just so happen to be a pyromaniac.
Hungrily it devours, It prances through the forest Untamed and free Spreading it’s cruel fury.   Dancing, it reaches, Caresses the sky. It’s flickering blaze a graceful ballet,
I leap up to life,  to see what is above me. The flame within me is burning. I look to the sky, and see the drrops forming. Clouds, clouds, clouds. I know that it is coming. I look up and there they are.
I see clouds rising from the ground I see lights hovering above I have this trick that will astound I have it here, you will fall in love  
Tendrils of deep black leap from the underneathTwisting their way through the crisp night's airAnd with them they bring a pungent odourA stench of ambiguityClouding the mind like a drugBony talons of smoke grasp around necks of truthsStrangling al
The sunlight slowly began to fade, It's silent whispers hissed, "Don't be afraid." It disappeared from empty streets, as little children hid under sheets.   Darkness filled the broken ones,
A tree standing as a soldier on the front lines dives into a burning ocean  of glorious flickers and flames: A tree that does not make a sound, because nothing is there to hear it splash. 
I remember the first time I wrote poetry, I remember the blood pooling out of me suddenly becoming ink How the blade suddenly became a sharp pen-                                
        inspired by the Bible story of  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego   not pushed, nor did i jump yet i fell into the fire   the vehement flames circle heating me with a ferocity ethereal
Radiance, torridity and stars exploding on the inside of your eyelids.  Symphonies of light and sound, and hell with it’s unwithstandable blazing. 
I am broken glass, yet you still try to touch. And I know you were taught to stay away from sharp objects.
I wanna watch the whole world burn down! I wanna see everybody suffer and die! Watch their bodies turn black and crisp, watch them shrivel up and turn to dust.
My heart is split into two Between I can continue and the other I would be shunned Cast out, A pariah. I don't have the callus for such ignorant human beings.
December ashes cold and gasping lay, upon the earth- the Millions gray.   Amidst the frozen earth of Ash, the torches flame-- the Light holding back these Bleak days.   they  burn-
  A beautiful life,  tempered with strife. Composition of love, a story untold of.   Who knew a fable  Is a reality with a label.   Twin flames who found each other abound
Love Large, Hard: Freeing, Deepening, Happening Forming between us two, Flames.   (Written in Cinqauin Pattern 2)
The Rose is gone, what happen to the Rose which come in every season your petal. Was always crutch together. What happen that I come outside and didn't see your eye's.you was lays there my lane of flame that spark my everyday.
I saw you, throwing flames at things that shine. You could have hit the fence and set the neighbor’s car up in smoke, instead of the dynamite
Fire to ashes and ashes reborn a once strong flame flickers and flails as the wind grows stable the embers grow frail then all at once it begins to prevail
Hey, You. Yes, You. Why are You just standing there? Green eyes, Black boots, And that messy brown hair. Looking at me without a care. Soft lips, Colorful belt, Hands on hips. Revengful smirk.
Like lights in the sky, My future glows: Brighter and brighter, A lantern coming ever closer. The days go by Like flickering flames, Changing direction As the wind blows.
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