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i've always been attracted to challenges.   something about the chase,   the feeling of always wanting more,   the hunger that gnaws at you from the inside,  
Seemingly out of nowhere, I have experienced an incessant yearning for sweets. When I see mouth-watering sweets gracing my table, An intense temptation grow inside me, My desire goes on elevating;
Reflection of I When I look at you I see parts of me I fight to accept You remind me of that little girl in me Although when I see you we don't exchange words, there's something about you
I've felt nothing for all my life I want to feel human so I use a knife Crimson rivers pour from my skin Every time I slice I can't help but grin Pain is the only thing I can feel
i want a love like noah and brian, where we learn time won’t change everything. i want a love like nicole and carlos, where we learn our backgrounds don’t matter.
My bleeding heart is now a river,
Past is a flask Once filled and drunk, Now bare of its liquor Only the scent lingers on
I need you. You with your smile that light up my whole world.
No words Just sweet adoration Obvious attraction Simply complex ideas
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