I need you


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I need you.
You with your smile that light up my whole world.
You with that face, that face seemingly composed of all the beautiful pieces of angels faces put together in one to fabricate.. the. most. BEAUTIFUL. DELICATE. BREATHTAKING. THING. i think i have EVER ! seen in my entire life.
You, the straight path always leading me forward but somehow always just one step out of my reach.
Some could call our love a tragedy.
Others a miracle.
They could call us starstruck, confused, immature..
Words that will never never mean much no matter how many times they're said because what im made of ? is you..
Cause see they can call me all kinds of blinded cause that exactly what i am.
Blinded by your love, humor, intelligence.
Blinded by your beauty, determination, strength, resilience.
One day, I will reach you, one day ill have you.
You, the virgin sunlight kissing the earth after a long night rest.
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that keeps me searching.
They us to move on —“Its unnatural ! This isn't the way its suppose to be.. If you just walk the other way; there are so many other 'opportunities' out there for you! Dont throw your life away on some childish phase. You’ll find someone your SUPPOSE to be with!”
But they don’t seem to understand how long you’ve been waiting for me.
How long i've been waiting for you.
Everything is suppose to happen for a reason right. So see I've come to think this whole discrimination thing is a society bases dilemma. I fail to understand how our god, our father, can deliberately lead so many of his children to this 'place' and it be one of unforgivable grounds.
But nonetheless, you are my smile.
You are my straight path.
You are my tragedy.
You are my miracle.
You are my kryptonite.
Baby you have got to be the greatest 'sin' there is.


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