Heart ache

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I still remember the story that you told me, About how your mom wanted nothing to do with your dad until they came to be. How they grew up together, and your mom wanted nothing to do with your dad,
Two weeks to the day was when things ended between you and I, And I no longer feel the need to sit here and ask myself why. Why I wasn’t good enough for you, and why I couldn’t be what you wanted,
I hate the games that our generation likes to play, And it has made me lose faith in trying to find love someday. Because no one can actually choose to say how they feel,
Waves One second you are fine, and the next second it hurts again, Because I don’t even care that I lost you as a lover, but part of me still does miss you as a friend.
At first it was hard to see them go by, Because they reminded me of my one and only guy. The guy who had my heart from the start,
Can I sit here and say that I am starting to let it go? Or is this a lie, and it is something that I already know. During the day I am fine, and then I fall apart most nights,
The day that you left, it felt like my whole world came crashing down, And that there was no way that I was going to be able to pick myself up off of the ground.
I think I finally realized what the true defintion of love is,  That it is something that can also be scary and terrifying, and is not just romantic and full of bliss. That was what finally made me realize that I loved you, 
Taking it day by day is all that I can do, Because no matter how hard I try, all I think about is you. One day I am fine, and the next day I am falling apart,
I am broken in pieces, sitting behind my bedroom door, Trying to get myself to pick up the peices of my heart that are scattered all over the floor. You broke me in ways that I will never be able to understand,
Do you ever get scared of not knowing what you are capable of? And this can be in every aspcect in your life; whether it be work, school, goals, or even love?
Sitting behind a desk encaged by walls of gold  What did I do to deserve the world and more I’ve never felt true hunger and I’m rarely ever cold 
I don't know why this happens to me, I don't know why I fucking bleed.  You hold the knife so close and tight, I scream and yell throughout the night. You sleep peacefully safe and sound,
Along the island’s shore lay the remnants of the ships debris. The salty air from the ocean breeze fills my lungs and burns deep. My eyes squint at the dominant sun, and my skin sizzles from the blistering heat.
We started with a "hey" We ended in "good bye" You left me on the floor Pretending I'm fine But you left me out to dry And all you had were lies I think about you everyday
Hold me close Don't let me go I'm falling for you but I doubt you know  Tell me I'm not crazy to give you so much and expect so little. What are we doing? Is this love or is it lust?
The rain began in my brain, Its lightning strikes my heart. Its torrential downpour Takes sight away, Tunnel vision
I thought it was a thing but it was just a fling,truely it was games played by a player. Thought I made myself clear about trust being dear.
My fingers have froze the tips are bleeding a gentle stream of flowing red blood. Everything I love is slowly fading away or frozen in time within my mind.
I had something beautiful, I had something beautiful, something amazing, something worth dying for, somthing worth my time, my life, my heart, my soul.
i know how you feel i've been there i know how you feel lost jaded and scared i know how you feel heart broken battered and bruised i know how you feel cheated dejected and used
I was on a stroll, when I took a glimpse Of a garden in a man’s home. Petals, leaves, vines were behind the fences Fragrances, shaped, colors invaded my senses,
The heart-wrenching news you tell me nowadays  Is stored in the latched box of my distant mind; it decays Into my deepest and darkest ponders, And upon reminder is where this distraction wanders.  
Do you know the difference? It's your new-found lack of interest   The way we used to speak,  About this life,  That romantic time at Miller creek, You made me feel so much alive,
our Love is like a rose. Beautiful to the eye, And deadly to touch. Feeding off of words so lovely and sweet. Thriving off of passion and feelings so deep.
I once knew of a girl, Roaming and young, Who closed her eyes when it rained, And envied the sun.
The look in her eyes as her heart shattered, almost unbearable to see. Tears slowly trickled down her ghostly white cheeks, as if her whole life was stripped away in seconds.
I was miserably You made me feel sick, joy, sad, happy,mad And all of the above In time these wounds will heal, But for now the scars are gaping Figuratively raping Me on a subconscious level
I scramble alone in this vast place where streams seem to run on forever i am alone and oh so lonely it seems i am the only one in this vast place on the other side of the streams
Think I should lay down beside her, but no, not behind her. it might get intense if I decide to fold blind her I mean blind fold her. high thoughts announced sober. I'm saying shawty, my heart's colder
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