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There is something about changing.  It is the realization of who you’ve become and who you want to be. It took me a long time to open my eyes to something I didn’t want to accept. 
I have a lot of things I want to complain to you. But how would I do that when my shoulder is where you seek to lean on when you cry? I am confused However, I pray God saves you and I
I’m praying for a troubled girl,who wishes for a change.Everyday she feels different,everyday she feels strange.
Climbing out of the window at night to sit on the roof of our two story house was an outlet for me. Out went the air conditioning as I opened my window, and the dreams snuck into my bedroom.
I do not understand why I am this way cursed with utter silence of my heart. As death do part my frivolous woes I free thine spirit from wretched guilt and break free the bonds that kept me sane.
Dont wanna go to school or be at home
Have you ever wondered  What its like to See through another's life Have you ever wondered  What its like  to be someone else's wife Have you ever wondered What its like
A troubled teen, she wonders the streets, a paint can in her hand. She wants someone to notice her. She wants someone to value her, so she will receive her value from afar.
Troubled spirits speak the most... Because so much pain has the words flowing like the tears we cry.
I am the girl that is permanently stainedThere’s more to sex than giving birth and STDSSometimes if your lucky you’ll still have your prince charming and be a drop dead beauty queen,
Kids cryin’ and dyin’ Whites and colors never getting along How did everything go wrong? Have you ever seen a troubled Mexican girl walking alone? Or a little boy behind a glass on the phone? You see, I have
I’m reflecting in the mirror- I’ll correct all the wrong in my life. I’ll reshape it, I have a new slate, and correct with a knife. I’m done with mistake after mistake, I can do something right. Other than stress and cry myself to sleep at night.
I'm running through the woods The wind rushing through my hair I take a leap of faith Despite my knowing you're not there I cling to this thought Hold tight to my perfect picture of what if
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