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I don't want to have meaningless sex just to get it out of the way. I want a love that's real, Powerful, Exciting. I don't want something that's based solely on physical attraction and longing.
I remember how good it felt to die. Even more so, coming back to life. The guilt means nothing as I watch the tears they cry, Because for those few moments I don't have to fight.
His chest was a battlefield. Logic v.s Fear. His chest tightened with every step that he let mark Walk from. His body a rickashay of bullets. Rattled by Marks earthquake steps. Silence is more defining than Erwin Screams.
Unwanted, I feel unwanted like a useless  plastic bag floating in the wind.
This is a meaningless poem. Just another piece of gray trying to be a color in a monochrome world. Just a shade of gray, trying to prove that it is better to be some-what known.
A jumble of thoughts Bunch of nonsense Meaningless atoms Combined into ashes An infinite void Of blinding black Of looming white Everything explodes Into beautiful nothing
As life passes by, our sight slips away, Unable to see what's incredible. This world is changed with each passing day. What seems meaningless is most wonderful. Water falls from the eyes during heartache,
The words I see transparent, I want to believe them but yet I know there outcome. As a plastic bottle, these words you speak, I've heard them all before. These recycled words
Unable to wrap my mind around all the people behind in my life All those people in the pages Names in the contents Chapters of my life and writers of my character All those people History to what is me
Life, So meaningless and rich, It withers like a dying flower And yields its beauty with, Yet richer than the richest golds And finer than the finest jewels,
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