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  Things to see pass in a storm:  A bicycle rider,  One wicked witch,  4 large antelope,  5 dancing teacups,  Big purple elephant, 
The moon shines Spreading glittering rays Reflecting off of lakes Like broken shards of light   The air hangs heavy
Thought: Baby Steps   Have you ever watched a parent guide a toddler's steps? It's whimsical, I say that geared toward the toddler because their legs just aren't strong enough yet, You know?..
Drear behind, sunshine ahead Fleet are the feet of Poe. Emma drops down the hem of her gown Her stems curl up beneath her Her face to the skies, filling her eyes Warm and wet, they glow.
When you face the world by yourself That path that you take may be unclear Uncertainties will present themselves You are dealing with a whimsical nature Let these challenges build you up
When you see me reaching down, With a needful talon in clear distress, Today my talents seem faint, so impotent, From my beak croaks a mournful sound.   In the garden you'll find this raven,
Eruptions, explosions, stars dying emitting their luminous lights that exasperate us.
She cried through the winter, and so the earth painted itself her favorite shade of green. She cried for space to chase her dreams, and so the earth opened into a sky of pale blue.
Did frost bite me?
Green is the color of envy Red is the color of love Blue is the color of freedom While yellow is the color of fun   Black is an evil color White is always good Grey is the color in between
I don't know where the sky is is it above or in my head? I do know I'll follow it every moment 'til I'm dead
Amber veins of brittle stem spread thinly through my body, serving as a fragile skeleton to structure my scarlet paper skin as I am tos't by warm soft wind.   To say I thought,
It will rain today. The pressure will rise, and the sun will be masked by the white & blue colors it creates when the cold & wet appear.   And all the girls in short and shirts that get cold will get cold
The scent of the juice of apples on her breath mixes (by 10pm) with the café cigarettes & coffee in her hair   And she told us that when she dreams, she goes to every country on Earth,
Encircled by an icy perfection desiring spring to rise and thaw yearning strictly buckled down our passions mustn’t gain control
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