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He never said the word He didn’t have to He sold blue eyed dreams down a nappy head highway  And preached blonde haired sermons to charcoal smiles 
Be not afraid Stop running away Face the dangers that they throw I've been thinking lately Those who changed the world were crazy Break the shackles off of your soul, and start seeing with your INDIGO
I feel as if there is no place for me. So it seems that everything I want is a falacy. In this world we live in full of lies, I despise- I freed my mind and I stopped dreaming.
Along with the wind My mind flows As a cool breeze Kisses my cheek And bright, colorful leaves Fill my eyes Such a beautiful sight Within walking meditatiion
1 Hands tied behind her back. Society wants to keep her down, beating her brain with ignorance and burying her in debt. A fury of thick red, yellow, purple and orange brush strokes surrounds
The expression on his face had confessed his minds atrocities.
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