No Man's Land

I feel as if there is no place for me. So it seems that everything I want is a falacy.

In this world we live in full of lies, I despise- I freed my mind and I stopped dreaming.

Have all your thoughts amended, live your life pretending- people now aren't what they seem.

As I begin to break up what this NO MAN'S LAND is made of I discover parts of me that I never thought I'd see.

My consciousness is drifting far away-never stays.

When did the world become so COLD?

I refuse to be what they say to be- society.

When will this life become my own?

Never really knowing what's right.

Spending your whole life trying to fight.

Yet we're still stuck in this MENTAL SLAVERY.

No matter what chances we take, we're gonna need a lot more to make a change.

We're living in a NO MAN'S LAND.

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