self abuse

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Who will cry for my little girl? the little girl inside of me... I guess, I forgot to consider her feelings.  I forgot to ask her if she is okay if I batter myself…I forgot to think about how saying hurtful things to myself,  I hate you. 
Dear Mother,   You ask if I’m alright, always expecting a simple ‘I’m alright’, or ‘I’m fine’. And that’s what you get, because that’s what you expect and I know that so it’s okay.
I sit here alone.Sadder than my mind allows.Alone... With someone who hates me.That I can never seem to get rid of.Abused... By my own thoughts.That fold me into olbivion.
No one would guess.Who would have thought?But two and two is four.Put it together.It can't be that hard.Look at me. Can't you see the pain?Can't you see the hurt?I wear a smile
if I were you, and you were me, how happy then would I be? I'd know how you feel, and you I, but would you be able to look me in the eye? for you'd know my secrets, all my lies,
The words scathing my ears, pouring from your mouth You assume that I do not understand But I suppose you haven't taken the time To see the scars beneath my hand   You don't know my struggles
some have battle scars some trip and fall some dive to the ground to make the winning score some rub against the brush on an adventure some have mean cats  The scars I have hurt the worst  They heal in a week or two But the scar in my head lasts f
Come down to the river Come watch with me See the ripples and the flow Of the water as it goes As what goes? Your mind Set it free. Find peace Peace where? Out there, on the rocks;
She's whispering to herself, words over and over again. It's okay, I'm okay, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry. In her head she's going absolutely crazy, her world is spinning away quickly as her thoughts eat her away.
Lines on my arms, mark the hurt I've felt, the blood that was spilled. Scars lined up, showing lessons learned, a testimony made.
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