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Am I artistic?Do I fit the description?Am I sufficient?Do you fux with it?This style I'm developingDo I have talent?Why am I asking?Rhetorical questioningThe third time around
Into oblivion I sink! Into yonder darkness I march! Enter, pessimism!  Let your bile gush into my veins, Let your poison infiltrate my body! Nothing is stopping you; We're past the sea of optimism,
Pessimism, be gone! Disappear, like evaporation. Get out of here, go! You must- have to. I COMMAND it. I am stronger than you, no matter what you say. You've crippled my mind,
Just shut up! Please, be quiet! For the love of humanity, of God, (the one you refuse to believe in), SHUT UP!
Every time I try to think it's like a haze Engulfs my mind. So negative, so deflating My mind is in a bind.   For you see, my creativity Is trapped in this haze.  So deflating, so negative
There was once a time I came out of my shell- Fully disposed to the endless joy and optimism The world had to offer.   But like a falling star, I fell- I fell to the ground of the Earth, then to the
A dream is supposed to be love and keen but a dream deferred can prevent even the craziest dream Will you let color, age or sex defer your dream? or will you trust, believe, love and achieve,
Kids are steadily drooping out of school Selling drug, hang in gangs becuase they think it's kind of cool The list of the problems that are wrong with America Will have these kids rolling off into hysteria
If your eyes were like the sun I'd never want to leave my house If you were sometimes actually fun I would bet you'd have a spouse
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