Dear Conscience

Mon, 12/01/2014 - 10:41 -- BennyB

Just shut up!
Please, be quiet!
For the love of humanity,
of God,
(the one you refuse to believe in),

All you do is belittle me,
taunt me,
with your condescending temperament,
mocking glare,
that thwarts my psyche into oblivion.

I don't exist-
I don't!
Because of YOU-
you agonizing constantly negative determinant
in my life.
You've made me whiny, gloomy, sardonic-
A pathetic excuse for anything.

Look at me now,
lying to myself.
Filling me up with your truth but
lying to myself.
It's all that comes out of me anymore.
I hate you,
Now and forever.


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