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The fear of letting go, Of being left all alone, Of finding the end As empty as the road   It's a hireath made of gold
Chirp chirp Wez beez Table Fire Rumble Tumble  Maze haze POO Poo Poop stinks Poo stinks of poo
From whence are values to be found?  There maybe, the bloody carcass that has forgiven us !? Wait what? Forgiven us for what?  For being human… or else? I guess?
Sometimes it makes me wonderand scratch my head and wonderwhat good it does me to wonder.  And, for that, I can only ponderwhat it means to wonder,even though my mind always wanders.
Skin, rough and eyes, cold. Nearly a crocodile. And any fool knows that no one can love a crocodile. It’s odd that one of life’s hardest creatures came in to this world through a soft slimy shell.
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