From whence are values to be found? 

There maybe, the bloody carcass that has forgiven us !?

Wait what? Forgiven us for what?  For being human… or else? I guess?

I just know that the carcass is too spiteful of life and smells like poo.

Bye bloody carcass!

What a fool I was! The answer lays in the muddy flower next to the bloody carcass.

Yes, do the still dance. Don’t move! Don’t smile! Don’t breathe! Don’t love your life!

Whaaaat!? I see, this dance blows! At least I got away before I became an orange baldy.

But alas I do not have a place for my values to be cultivated in, where must I look now?

Where shall the present ones find the virtues from which they will be imprinted on, and they imprint on it?

The Enlightenment perhaps. It offers truths and the search of truth about nature, but it reveals that our sacred water fountains give us oil not water. Eww! It seldom gives us fountains of water.

Alas poor foolish bodies still yearn for the oil.

What about the Romantics, surely they who say hooray to nay Enlightenment have a fountain of water. I ask their chosen ones, the happily suicidal kids( someone bless them, they need it) for they are a careless bunch who reject reality and substitute their own.

Are these the ones that the present ones should place their virtues on? NO!!! They are blind summer children, who yearn for the call to Adventure! 

No the only one that offers any truth or the search for it were those of the Enlightenment, but they did not make a virtue out of life, only for the search. Fair enough, but there needs to be a fountain of water for the life to thrive, so what virtue may come from the knowing that all virtues are based on arbitrary coming forwards of the past that were changed to make us live long enough to put a new face to face the battle of life?

I shall tell you right here and right now!

I have no idea

That is your problem to face not mine, Tschüss, adios, bye! Phew I made!


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