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We shared moments of happiness together We planned our future We thought that we would be forever We loved like each day was our last on this earth We thought nothing would ever get in our way  
How many times have I found myself like this?
I looked into her eyes and she said the words that I knew were coming they were the dreaded words that no person in love should have to endure but every man must "I think we need to take a break" 
Amidst a wasteland you danced with me. You twirled me around on the caps of the sea.   I swore I was flying. You swore that you loved me. But I found myself falling
Foolish young man Head over heels in love But the maiden you adore isn’t an innocent pure dove She bats her eyes She giggles and flirts She’ll soften you up, and stabs your hurts when it most hurts
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