I looked into her eyes and she said the words that I knew were coming

they were the dreaded words that no person in love should have to endure but every man must

"I think we need to take a break" 

they peirced my soul like a spear not meant to kill

for it may leave one still there to live another day, but can that day really be called living?

it feels like I'm a shadow of who I was yesterday 

like I'm missing part of myself that I loved with my whole being

i am alone now, truly alone

some may say that I am not and that they will always be there for me, but They are not good enough

i knew who I needed and they were unwilling to stay with me any longer 

and for that I am filled with dread and remorse of all the times of happiness and sorrow that I missed with her

she was the one

"the diamond in the rough"

"the keeper"

but I guess yet again I was insufficient 

i wasn't good enough

i wasn't worth it

and that's why i am the one that is alone

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