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See the light of the rising fire; Watch the scarlet as it grows ever higher.   Our devotion and our strength can be a guide, Like a beacon lighting the air in the sky.
Poetry seemed easy; A simple rhyming, kiddy-scheme. If you look a little closer; You'll find out what they might really mean. So, You Should Never Read Poems With Your Eyes Closed.  
There's a night sky star And as I watch, it twinkles from afar A simple one in the sky I don't understand why A shooting star I miss It's like an endless abyss Many stars illuminate the night
Cover up and head down to the temple, Visit me with your new beloved girls.   May she be happy with rhinestones or pearls, May angels protect you from the devil.  
My mind is my gift I use it everyday  From making good decisions  To deciding what videogame to play    Though being on Honor Roll  and seeing the world in a diffrent way 
Seizures              in ability to move                                    powerlessness               Weakness?              Worthlessness? NEVER! Power! Strength! Heart! Hope!
The ever lasting candle is what the lord provide me , except i am the light not the wax.
the faggot in the reflection of my space helmet visor is my only friend. with shaggy shorn hair and big eyes and a hollow cheek bone that holds in my silent tongue. i have etched lessons in my skin, leaving silver lines
Twisted rivers sing broken songs a confused rush instead of peaceful mutterings tearing away shorelines with desperate grabs instead of a passing caress eventually their madness fades
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