Dying love

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Do you remember that night? When you and I lay on that couch, That couch with stains from different nights, And you said you’d never live my side, Come rain come shine?  
As I gaze into his eyes I can tell the difference between your warmth and his. I compare his love and yours And that’s when I realized
I fell in love with your kindness, I loved your warm smile. I loved when you were present, I'm glad you stayed a while. You were a lucid dream, too good to be true but I know you have to go, My heart will need some glue.
Jen What did I do wrong, Vic, That you must be so cruel? You disappoint me... The thing called fate, Why play so ruthlessly on me? The hands that are stained by blood,
Their petals are falling as their colors changeIt wasn’t this way before but is it strange?These red roses are dying in delicate sweet sorrowWill their love shed too? Or will it see tomorrow?
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