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I wake up every morning with thoughts on my mindHow will I work to improve and benefit mankindI know that one day I’ll awaken without being quarantinedAnd I’ll feel so much better and won’t be maligned
He steps on my toes  You could say I have the whoas When kisses blow I never met someone like you You smell of good things 
15 things I wish I could say to you... One:  I hate you.
Poems convey obsequiousness They declaim hurts and faults And lessons aqueous Engaging in reconsults As mysterious as a maze Poems Telling
Once she was yours..., She had lost, she had cried, She do care, she do trust, She was tired, she was trying, Everytime,Everyday....,
We cannot say what we are not,  
A soft summer wind Blowing by me constantly An unchanged peace A masked gray murmur The Sun has gone now, rain falls She is calling me
Say the words you know will burn a fire within me Say the ones that you think will push me Say them. Please say them.  Becuase I promise then, I won't feel bad walking away. 
It's a day And that's okay In the month of May That's alI I have to say Have a swim by the bay!
i knew you were my hero
Teacher these days are just ignorant They like to teach us stuff we already know. When you correct them, you suffer a consequence, Or you could just go Outside and miss the whole lecture,
Simply edu
Hey, because many people may not know, how much one hey could really do to a person.   So say hey, because you may never know how much one hey could really do to a person.
    Shit you can’t say to your teacher? It should be titled Shit I Should Say Math teachers working out polynomial equations and over exaggerated problems of how Bill bought twenty-three hundred apples;
Work, sweat and sometimes cry, deadlines are coming and the only thing not stopping is time. Submit your work and close your eyes.   Take a deep breath and feel like you made it.
They say I'm smart, something like a work of art. But me, I say "I'm free", that I'm only being me. They say I'm cool even though I love to go to school. But me, I say "I'm myself; I think I do it for my health".
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