'Non Binary' 'LGBTQ'

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I Am The In Between By TJ  In a world of black and white, I exist in shades of flowing blues and indescribable purples , A spectrum of identity, where my colors sway freely.
I can still bloom  This fruit upon my chest  I want to bare no more   The garden between my legs Ashamed of it's crop   
On the tidal mud, just before sunset, Stood a child, bored as could be, that child stared at the sunset, wanting to be free They wanted to inhabit a realm beyond, a realm where, no matter your size, your gender, who you love, your color,
SHE screams in silence Trying to figure out If all of HER thoughts and doubts were HERS or not SHE decided to be a king for a day SHE's figured out that SHE's a THEY and not a HE or SHE Everyone thinks THEIR not a real person cause of THEIR gender
Surrounded by black, her back to the floor,  Eyes where seeds of mothballs grow to the sun,  She is the carpet’s present, it wraps her in kudzu, 
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