I can still bloom.

I can still bloom 

This fruit upon my chest 

I want to bare no more


The garden between my legs

Ashamed of it's crop 


I reap what I sow

but my needle is bare 


Trapped in a contour 

Hostage to the male gaze


This baren fruit is rotten

My crop unfit for harvest 


I never asked to be a garden

For a prairie was my dream


This binary barricade 

Inadequate for the two spirited 


Cascading out of female 

As Mercury in Retrograde 


Let me be fluid like the moon

Forever changing phases.



Mandi Becher

Gender and Sex are not the same things. Completely different, and influenced by each other, yes, but not the same. When I finally learned this and truly thought about it, my suppressed feelings emerged to the surface. My feelings of non-conformity and gender fluidness finally had solid recognition and research. I have been vigilantly trying to explore my sexuality and gender. I say explore in a positive light, but it was never all that positive. Not knowing how you will feel within your skin everyday is draining. Knowing half the world thinks you are completely delusional. Students in the hallway making mental hospital jokes about people like me. Drag queens getting killed in the streets, my community suffering under legislation. Many cultures around the world recognize gender variant peoples. I highly respect and admire those cultures’ acceptance and exploration.I just want to feel comfortable. 



This is beautiful.


This is beautiful.

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