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Life Unexpectancies is like getting cursed out by a homeless dealin' with Self- Inflictions, Drug Convictions, an Acute Depiction of what life used to look like as a Soldier Man.
I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together, See how they run like pigs from a gun see how they fly  I'm crying sitting on a corn flake waiting for the van to come
I pledge allegiance to the Republican Party.I won't let the media tell me what to think.You refused to report facts from the Nunes memo.At least 17 lies in the FISA applications,Constituting the worst FISA abuse ever. Zero coverage from your fake
Backstage, hidden behind a red velvet curtain, lies our nation’s corruption and hypocrisy. In the performance we give out to the rest of the world we are portrayed as the country with the ideal democracy.
In the midst of disaster We find black lives matter Since none of the distractions  Can distract us  From society cancer 
Darkness surrounds me. Wrapping its hand around me like a thick blanket. I hear it all everyday. It has consumed our society like a widespread plague.
I'm SICK of ... "RESTRICTIONS" .... !!!!! "DON'T say THAT and DON'T say THIS !" ... What's The Point of Having Lips ... !?!
Politics You can be real dirty Only we see your sanctimonious airs of supposed transparency. Before the polls, You make great promises of progress You are the Moses, sent to save us
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