We Have A Dream

Fri, 09/11/2020 - 09:37 -- G'nova

In the midst of disaster

We find black lives matter

Since none of the distractions 

Can distract us 

From society cancer 

With the T.V screen blaring 

Another black kid’s happy never after

We oftentimes wonder

When we will ever matter

In a world filled with privilege

I’m asking what’s the difference 

Between me and you

If I’m made in God’s self-image

Because of my pigment

I have to fight for my existence 

Just to get a fair shake 

At the table that I’m sitting 

And it shouldn’t be like this 

It really shouldn’t

I shouldn’t have to fight 

Just to be considered human 

I’m only seventeen

But I’m really with this movement 

Cause I have a dream 

That we could really do this 

I have a dream where we could live free

Independently from these cop-killing machines

That kills my people like lumberjack do trees

With a gun, they spray as if it were Febreze  

I have a dream 

That one day we can stand united

Become that one nation that others looks up too for guidance 

Not the one that sits here in abrupts silence 

But the one that stands here to end all the violence 

For I have a dream 

That we can be the greatest 

There’s a lot of bad blood between us 

Let’s just say it

But just because we had a rocky past 

Doesn’t mean we can’t change it 

It just means its going take a lot for us to make it  

I have a dream

Where one day we’ll be like brothers 

Instead of hunting each other 

We’ll look out for one another 

Become thick as thieves

And ride or die for each other

I have a dream 

A large dream 

That I have conceived

Just because it’s large 

Doesn’t mean it’s out our reach 

It just means it going to take a lot for us to achieve  

To live in this grand world made of peace 

When we finally reach our dream 



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



love it !


Thanks ^_^


Your poems are amazing as well :)


Thank you so much! Keep it up, you're doing great!

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