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Do the best you can Make do with what you have Build new worlds out of scraps and trash Be king of what you can Carry it with pride Foul, gross, and disturbing Beauty, home, and pride
The man signs the contract With a pen full of blood A snap and it's gone He sits up and looks towards the sky In a dark office, the CEO resigns The ruler of the Underground is a buisness man
God of Tricks, God of Lies, He loves to plan a surprise.  Running his own vlog,  Disguised as a hound dog.  Trasnforming and scaring, Laughing and declaring Himself as the king,
The Mortal Humans High School football team was in need of a savior The season had been tough, their fans were dwindling, and the football players were ready to quit
Sandy as the winds blow  The cool night air tells a story long ago  About a man that brings sleep to all the children below As he sprinkles beautiful dreams in a rainbow  
Storms and rain race thy heart Chasing typhoons day to day Quickly Poseidon must depart Whirling winds are his prey   Gales slowly whirling around Whistling rushing past his ear
The Midgard Serpent stirs slightly in his slumber A long and unsatisfying rest that has lasted since the days of Thor and WotenWhen the halls were vast and the Valkeryies washed blood from their armor that wasn’t their own
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