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I've built up such a liar's palace
The aesthetic of  Ink on paper And floral words  Leaving my cracked and bleeding lips  
“Read between the lines” But there is nothing between, or underneath No secret message, hidden code, Or meaning
Sweep to the center of the room, My brain, the state I live in, All the junk; collect it in a pile, And sweep it out the front door.  
To see the world  Through the frame of words   The moon in the sky Above ponderosa pines This scent in the air  Of the rain and wind   To catch and pin  The world to the page
I didn't feel it, So I didn't right it. But you Still Needed To Know . . . . . . Suck it
great people die by making no fuss, ordinary people cry and make out fuss, but let us not make any of the either, No flood of tears too.   Earthquakes bring up destruction, and men calculate deaths,
Poem poem poem poem. Poem. [Tick tock] Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh whatever shall I write?
  Hot ceramic sunlight peeled from the skin
Like a garden words form, and the weeds are overtaking but through the soil, a "yes" is finally breaking.
No contest! No seriously, this is not a contest.  I am entering a random drawing  by adding my thoughts and words in exchange for money.
(Curtain rises on an empty stage)                                                                       -Act 1, Scene 1-"Action!" Hello, I have something to say before I sleep below.
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