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sometimes i think about the future only on long car rides sometimes i think that I will pursue a career in volleyball sometimes i think about you and me
never again will I trust someone who promises they "wont leave" they end up leaving regardless of the futile promises they make leaving me in their dust crying  begging screaming
The mess you left behind A weeping mother A newborn baby A mother with no one to help her A child without a father to love her The mother soon became depressed The child soon grew to be a teenager
What if you had stayed What if you cared What if you visited What if you came back I spend hours each day wondering What if What if I was a good enough daughter for you
Being left behind is one of the most painful things I ever experience. All my life people have walked out on me. All my life I have never complained. But now I want nothing more than to scream.
Who ever said inspiration was all positive? It is the hesitation I get when you can't ask of anyone Mom is the rolemodel, Dad just a deposit of an entity that is there when he pleases.
I never understood why you left me Why you left behind something you called precious I’m not a broken toy I’m not trash Am I  
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