Plastic surgery

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Barbie dolls Makeup phones Princess gowns   Gone   Plastic friends Cell phone bills Hospital gowns  
We are shaped to be normal, to fit in with the crowd. We are told to do our best to make our parents proud.   We are taught that girls can cry, but "men" can't shed a tear.
“How unfortunate” “A minor blemish” An imperfection is how they see my nose.   “A pigsty button” “Cute impression”
Tired of imaginingTired of actingOh, how I wish that was meCat-fishingIs now existingMirror, mirrorWhat is my birth error?Is it my looks or personality?A shame that I desire plastic surgery
Gold Diamond rich with them carats Bold red lips and them plastics Gold Blood dripping it's a classic American Dream......
He says you're not pretty, your breasts are too small, and your butt - nonexistent, He says you're borderline ugly, so you believe him, and you can't say you don't because you do,
A cart rolls into the frigid clean room, the sheet is removed, revealing terrifying tools with innocent names. I sit back into the chair as it crackles in disappointment.   Ink stains my face, my chest, my stomach,
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