Beauty is Pain.

Sat, 01/21/2017 - 14:33 -- iPsYcH0

Tired of imagining
Tired of acting
Oh, how I wish that was me
Is now existing
Mirror, mirror
What is my birth error?
Is it my looks or personality?
A shame that I desire plastic surgery
Many of my boyfriends couldn't stand
My insecurities
Surprisingly they loved me
Will I ever be happy?
Needle, my new friend
Tell me what are the new beauty trends
Killing yourself over depression
Or being single?
Because I don't know how to mingle
I masturbate 
I don't have the skills to get a real life date
If only my relationship skills were better
I could one day get that real pleasure
Too bad
Too sad
I am such a fake
Lessons learned and lessons made
How I wish I had her face
But I see you aren't a loner
Only they would understand my problems
Cuz most likely they did the same
You can't blame me
For pretending
My mindset filled with insecurities
I can be pervy
I can be sexy and dirty
When I fake her face
But if you aren't born with it
It's best you'd stay the same
Cuz this world only accepts the people that are pretty
Million dollars for such compliments
Personality is nothing these days
Such a shame looks get grades
Such a shame I'm not even on the rank
Such a shame beauty is pain

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Our world
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This is very well written :-). You're a great writer. 

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