Fight The Fear Poetry Slam

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Hands cold. Sweat beading across my forehead but too numb to properly feel it. Deep breaths. Inspirational quotes. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." 
since i was little purple teddy bears filled my room. i would make them wear my favorite fabrics, fabricating a story of how they met a new friend
I was livid. Or at least I thought I was. Anger tastes hot But this tasted like stone   A car ride to DC
Its warm In my bed Too warm to be awake I am awake Outside it’s almost light
i wander, alone my heart is quiet the first few drops fall, then  the sky turns yellow & i too am falling. i reach, plaid feelings extending, feelings unpeeling like an apple,  
I was walking to the park The sign said it was closed after dark, I don't care The air was cool It could've been colder   I saw a man sitting on a bench Taking turns between his beer and cigarette
Vulnerability.  My fear  Yes, it creeps on me like the past it holds on to me like a baby being fed it consumes alot. to open up, to let someone in when will my heart rest   Love.
I was a boy, it appeared Running or walking, it followed Crying or laughing, it loomed It was attached  I sobbed  Slowly, it grew   Quick, I hide it  Expose it to light Its a part of me 
Fear is being an advisory member of Art Honors Society. Fera is getting an A on a play-writing assignment, then having to perform it. Fear is being accepted to a student leadership program in D.C.
As the Stars hit me, I looked at them, cornered and far. I sat there and I trembled, even the doors to heaven ajar. They mocked my weeping, the bastards, and I was solidly scared,
Call lights shining, alarms ringing, people racing, I'm in over my head.   Long lectures, rushed notes, early mornings, I'm in over my head.   Blood pressure rising,
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