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Sun shines through the window like a dream. Perfect and challenging leaving almost no steam. Clear heads to work amidst the fog of addiction. Simple recreation to tempt oblivion.
  We insure our insecurities by dubbing these things dreams in the first place.   I’m pulling and tugging at the strings
If we don’t dream, then why do we sleep? If we don’t work for those dreams, why wake up? I had a dream, That I would one day write poems, And right now, I’m going to fulfil this dream,
It was 5 am and  Blue slits of light fell into the room  while i stared up at the moon.  I took deep breaths and was overwhelmed by happiness but i began to cry because i felt so
Something we don’t know the cost of until it’s too late We don’t know the cost until it’s sunk No primal scream to warn us We don’t know it’s air until we try to hold it
I’ll never see my parents if they hug too many people, and I’ll never see my friends if they are crowded by a steeple, and I’ll never see my lovers if they die before I meet ‘em,
Broken window shows each dreamShattered lie A wish upon a twisted heart Shards of truth like pane of broken glassA broken dream that came to passA teardrop fallen in the rain
  Are you still dreaming? Or are you still wandering around in your sleep?  
Chills, tears, smiles, cockness, hapinness, sasification, determination  What is something that is unhuman but has power to give you all these feels? Music All the feels you ever wanted to give someone
Chills, tears, smiles, cockness, hapinness, sasification, determination  What is something that is unhuman but has power to give you all these feels? Music All the feels you ever wanted to give someone
I stepped into the rowboatIn the centre of the street.I was late to a party.The tarmac moved like waves,Writhing and squirming underneath theCanoe, like snakes.
Oh, little dreamer, Your eyes full of stars  And heart of wishes   While you rest Do the constellations Act out your wildest imaginations
Wanting to be an Archeologist by 6th grade Ready to start life Everything figured out Fast forward 15 years Sitting here writing these verses Thinking were did I go wrong Not anywhere I wanted to be
The dreams I dreamEvil comes every nightI am terrified  The dreams I dream"Possessed rooms"I am terrified  The dreams I dream"Eyes that cry blood"I am terrified  The dreams I dream"Blue devil chases me"I am terrified  The dreams I dreamEvil is eve
Dreams are your wishes that may come true It’s your imagination going wild and speaking to you Dreams whisper your desires They teach you and you learn things new  
  I gaze at the world Above Me   Endless and open   Beyond my reach A world I yearn for   You can’t go, you can’t fly …I want to
The iconic place in my Dream, Is the symbol of quirky peace. The verdant land, azure sky And Flowers of multiple colours, Which one I should describe, Red, yellow or purple blur.
Sometimes I confuse my dreams with nightmares, Because dreams for me always end with a scare, Whether it be drowning or embarrassing stares, It gives me all the reason to want to stay aware;
Today, I broke up with my dreams I had taken their toil for the last time The constant lies and "life as good as it seems" Had rotted my head for the last time. 
Its him! Its him! the mad mouthpiece is coming. With the smell of death kicked up and in his grasp, trailing behind him a black steel horse, and he comes straight for us.
Fear! Fear! Fear! Fear! I dance with it the most Dreaming so deeply that nightmares can be imagined Making aspirations turn into imaginary ghosts
 Why do dreams have to be just in your head?    I wonder if we  could all share our dream somehow. Then maybe they’ll come true.     Why can’t dreams be reality?
Who are you? What will you be? I don't know. I'm only 17. So many questions about life ideals. What makes you think I know what I am going to be? I've been confined to an area span
The stars have always intrigued me With the stories that they tell that have possibility For change, for something different once i looked up, in a dream,  and i was a star
Been spending some time dreaming instead of weeping. For at least in my dreams, I can be who I want to be instead of real life where my goals are destroyed without a single glance back.
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