and nothing but the truth

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We all are the same Inside and out  No matter what we do, what we eat  And how we live  We are all the same Connected by one GOD Who created us to be equal Not to be better than one another 
I'am Nothing To Stop You! I'am No One To Hold You! I'am A Passing Cloud, Brust One's With Lots Of Emotions And I Again Wait For
As a country built on dehumanizing the human race, America can be seen spitting on another country's face. We hold ourselves on a pedestal, it's extremely incredible
I wrote this at 12:25 I feel my eye, dry Sleepy an sleep deprive From staying up until about 3 maybe 5 I've , come accustom to this college live style An it feels like I'll zzzzzzzzzzzzz
The Resemblance Of Loath And Love, I Lead With Either, Through The Slip Of The Tongue, The Meaning Changes Indefinitely, And As I Mean One,
Half truths breed Multiply faster than any truths   Rot the soul Eat the flesh   Half truths They sit upon the gossipers tongue  
To be real I'm hurt. I'm hurt that I feel like it's so hard for people to be real. I'm hurt that when I approach people in an effort to be real They seem to be offended by it and stuck in their shell.
whenever you listen to society tell its side of the story they dominate lies with historical fabrications   whenever you listen to color people-you know the indians/tainos tell its side of the story
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