street life

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They ran up in his place. And shot him in his face. Snatched his wife out the bed. And told her to open up the safe. Kids burst into the room crying. While their dad laid on the floor dying. They got what they wanted and still didn't care.
She stands on the corner, barely 18 Hasn't showered in days but waits Waits for a man who needs an illegal touch The body of an adolescent becomes tainted She looks for independence on an incredibly tight leash
Her eyes,Melting away,Into sadness,Into decay,People who,Describe her look,May say she's undecided,But not a crook,When she rises early in the morning,She makes no sound,
Rusty bricks painted by graffiti. Lit neon flickered—    Quick Draw! ATM Inside! Steam rose out of street grates as if it were ghostly fingers come to carry sinners below. The sign posted—  
Deep moans drift in the room. Liquid hunger screams from my veins. Acid leaks from my lips. Agony drips from my head. I am wounded, and all I want is more. more of her to heal my pain,
The freak sticks out like a sore thumb in school. All day, every day. She goes home and it's just the same. Nobody wants to speak to her for they fear they will be reduced in social status.
My cologne has a striking resemblance to the city’s dirty laundry. Only difference I cannot contain my secrets to a hamper or wash them away with bribery. That stench unfortunately is must.
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