envy and jealously

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If I would’ve stayed the sameIf I never would have changedI know I’m the only one to blame
Jealousy is sneaky.It makes you believe that you’re not really pretty.It plays tricks with your mind,It makes you relate only with negativity all the time.Jealousy is fakeIt makes you mistake lies for the truth
Joyous people make me sick sometimes Not because they're joyous Nor because they're people But because they're joyous around me Seeing them happy gives me red eyes, a simple person ready to commit crimes
Humanity used to be beautiful,But it is poisoned by sin.Hate grows as Man lets it sprout,It causes hurt, suffering, and deathStop this deadly disease For the People of the World.  
This is a story about a little girl Who spent her childhood Caring for her siblings Loving them with great passion.   This little girl’s biological mother had a boyfriend He was abusive
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