'Mentors' O Captain My Captain

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Traumatized is an understatement, you left my physical grasp in late June 2017. Nana, hospital bed, and cancer. Your soul left but your spirit stayed .
Because of you  I become happy when sad. Because of you I can face the coming storm even if it hurts. Because of you  I only see the sun while the shadows fall behind. Because of you Winter doesn't linger, only hope of our spring day. Because of y
I'm almost finished my mind has almost diminished  This year has been the hardest it's difficult to keep modest when you have so far to go but youre almost there I'm just going to sit in the chair
Tall afield You Stride through wayward darkness Above hills Whose crests to me are mountains The bright lights You have stayed calm before me
Walking slowly, earbuds turned all the way up Running quickly from the mentors in my head, chasing me. The bad Decisions, the good Decisions. Anxiety yelling I'm never good enough-
I have nothing but my music, violin, and nerves. Orchestra: My favorite class, My home away from home, My de-stresser and relaxer,
Medicine It’s been apart of my life ever since I was little I hated medicine All the pokes and pins All the stickers and Batman bandaids to make me feel better
You helped me grow Like a flower from the concrete You helped me show Made me better Like butter on toast Pushed me to win So when I got tears in my eyes You say it gets better for the kid
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