the hate you give

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I’m sick, of all the gun violence and hate The Hate U Give movie showed me that I’m sick and tired
He felt pride in saying my wife my daughters my sons my house, my cars, my work   He felt gratification when he
  I feel the warmest when I’m surrounded by my family We live life as if there’s no limitations despite the fact that there are so many  
The clock strikes 12 all of the envious rats start spreading morbid lies that leaves this small town. Walking with their heads down And heavy hearts when will this wistful disturbance will end
Shut up because you speak funny Shut up because you look different Shut up because you listen to weird music Shut up because what you believe in doesn't exist They told me to shut up because I am different
People are not all that they seem, streams of lowered self-esteem. Darkness running through and through, constantly running into you. Hopelessness keeps you up,  you are falling into a rut.
Hate is all around us Thick and thin through the smog that chokes us the breath we let out from that uncomfortable moment or that time we watched as we fell to the floor   The fog that kicks in 
The Fighting NEVER Stops, And In The End The Battle Is Lost. I See Pain In Many Eyes, The Reason Is Simply The LIES. Many Promises Made Token, Are Soon To Be COMPLETELY Broken.
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