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Because the shift dress remained to be a hassle, I wore capris instead.  How else was I to ride my bike if my dress was too tight?! This was a story I would always hold in my heart dearly about my grandmother. 
Thank you for listening to my nonsense Thank you for guiding me down the right path Thank you for being so understanding when others were not Thank you for laughing when I couldn't Thank you for keeping an open mind
You stood tall with me When I thought I would drown in My own self-doubt and failures And you showed me that I'd never sink If I taught myself to swim So I learned to grow my wings
Oh how I yearn to learn. Yearn to learn with Mrs. Redfern.    Have you not heard the buzz? She is a great teacher.  The best at what she does.    I can feel the fire.
The Grey World   The world we met, colorless faces were all that were set, To us he said, to treat our lives with respect. Even if we felt,
Wether it is camping or fishing I'm all in. Nature for me is all the matters. Being near to mother nature and getting to know myself. I wouldn't be the same without her.
L3 is the coach Do not debate her-you will lose L3 has three names that start with an L First middle last. 'ell, do not debate her She is five feet tall but is the toughest person you will ever dread
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