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They tease the clouds and tame the hills Tickled by moss, they laugh into rainstorms Thriving in carpets of cement and mountainous landfills The trees talk of truth
It is true when they say, “the good die young” For I witnessed the passing of the most wonderful soul Her melody prematurely unsung The strength that she left behind
I was five years old You were brushing my hair into a braid  I said I was scared to be six years old You said don't be afraid.   I was nine years old You were smoking a cigarette on the couch 
Karina, A life without meeting you, isn't a life I can call mine. Impossible. You taught me what a kind leader is- A real leader- to be like you I wished nothing more of.
MARINE   I love my mentor to death like I would die for the man With him in my life cant say that god ain't got plans He was more to me than a teacher, although he did teach
There is a cliff, a very steep cliff on the isle of dread and woe. Oft I've stood there on the cliff and gazed at the rocks below. The cliff has stood on the edge of the isle as long as I have known.
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