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I hope the wind in your hair makes you always feel free. I hope the leaves in the trees tell you all that you need. I hope the waves push you forward so you don't sink in the sand, but if you start to fall back then just reach out your hand.
Old Daddy D said, Our people love the rivers Told me the moving blue Runs through our souls and veins   Old Daddy D said,
The Sky tightly grips his transparent shield as it disintegrates. Mother Earth is exposed to heated rays that penetrate and sear her soiled skin.  
We’re in a state of constant clapotis— reaching chaotic spikes that look like progress,  but never really moving at all.    Simulated punctuated equilibrium. 
Silence;              was a man i once ‘loved’ he said he lived in the bath that perhaps                if i held my head                                      below water 
It's simply futile treading cold water Rising past my green ankles O how its barbarous teeth bite and sting!    My toes are engulfed by sea's spiteful jaws  Veins pierced by blind eyes;
Do you ever feel your chest sink? It’s like when you dive under cold water, The deep ocean pools the emptiness inside Even as you try to swim to the surface.   It’s like when you dive under cold water,
The water stands still like a sleeping bird It silently calls for me to come to it The water is dirty and can not be seen through It is trapped by tall oaks that will not let it free
My hands, like rope tying over my cracking neck  Whispers and murmurs
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