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We were different; We were different before paying bills We were different before heartbreak We were different before going out into the world. The world; A matrix of experiences,
When I was a freshman, everybody told me "four years would go by quick" And there I was three years later as a senior deciding on which college to pick
Before my very eyes I was driving, On my own path, in my own car, On the road away from home. No destination in mind, Only the street lamps casting shadows
Chapter 1 I put on a pair of brand new sneakers, meticulously tying the laces. They’re plain white, and they feel light as air.
                          Princeton autumn   The wind blowing in gusts , Streets covered with withered fallen leaves,flying again, Rustled land,waving again, A bleak autumn scenery.  
Remember that monster under my bed, Claws like a lion and six eyes on its head. That old monster creeping beneath me Always making me shout for my dad to go see. That monster who never did one bad thing to me,
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